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The founders of Legal Content Writers have over two decades of combined experience in web-based legal marketing, lead generation, sales copywriting and legal web content writing services. What makes us different from other legal web content providers is that most of our competitors are former practicing lawyers that lack online legal marketing or SEO experience. Others have an SEO background but lack a thorough understanding of a consumer’s legal needs and concerns because they have never been involved in law firm marketing to consumers. Finally, there are those who have a general SEO or marketing background but have not worked exclusively in the legal space.

Hire Legal Content Writers for your content for legal websites or legal blog writing services.

At Legal Content Writers, our team of licensed and experienced attorney writers combines extensive experience writing content for legal websites, legal blogs and legal portals with over 20 years of combined SEO, web content and online legal marketing experience. The synergy between our areas of expertise and experience mean that we are uniquely positioned to write content that not only attracts leads but helps turn leads into clients. We know that the goal of content on your website is to do more than attracting traffic, it is to convert prospects into paying clients.

A More Profitable Use of Your Time is Practicing Law – Save Time – Increase Profits and Hire Our Attorney Writers Who Have Practice Experience!

Many attorneys come to us for help only after trying to write their own blog articles or website content. While a practicing attorney is certainly competent to write about legal topics and issues, you may not know how to write content that will perform well in searches on Google and other search engines. More importantly, the process of drafting high quality legal content is time consuming. The most successful law firm websites and law blogs are constantly updated on a weekly and even daily basis, which is unrealistic for most successful attorneys with busy law practices. By outsourcing this time consuming task to our legal ghostwriters, you can focus on retaining new prospective clients and providing exemplary legal services.

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Unfortunately, the web is inundated with poorly written and superficial content with no substance that provides such generalized overviews that prospective clients scratch their heads after finding no helpful information or answers. This type of law firm content not only fails to convert prospective leads into clients but actually alienates visitors to your website who fill duped by empty content that conveys little, if any, helpful information and wastes the prospective client’s time. Google is increasingly penalizing websites with this type of generalized basic information with penalties that can result in as much as a 30% drop in traffic. Google considers the quality and volume of a law firm’s content as the single most important factor in search rankings. The top law firm websites and law blogs have many pages of well-written content, which means that they both attract and convert prospective clients.

Our legal blog writing service, marketing and SEO teams at LegalContentWriters.com take a completely different approach. Our experienced and knowledgable law blog writers write content that is informative, addresses real issues and suggests substantive solutions and guidance to legal consumers. Effective legal content writing for your legal website or legal blog should accomplish all of the following:

  • Discuss interesting topics that attract visitors to your website
  • Employ key word phrases designed to promote SEO
  • Comply with state bar rules regarding attorney advertising
  • Provide valuable substantive information designed to address concerns/questions of prospective clients
  • Be well written and easy to understand
  • Communicate both your expertise and ability to communicate in a clear, straightforward and understandable way
  • Reflect the ethos or philosophy of your law firm toward clients and the practice of law

Our company is founded on two decades of collective online marketing experience reviewing, evaluating and optimizing law firm websites and legal information portals. Most consumers of legal services surf the web looking for legal information before deciding to locate a law firm to handle their legal matter. The law firm whose website attracts that client and provides USEFUL, INTERESTING and HELPFUL information has already started building an informal attorney-client relationship. This means that the law firm that attracts clients and then answers at least preliminary questions in an engaging way will likely have the upperhand in retaining that client.

Is Your Law Firm’s Website Copy Failing to Generate Results? Here’s Why!

Many law firms and legal portals make common mistakes in producing and posting legal content and legal blog articles. Some of the these mistakes include:

Content Riddled with Spelling and Usage Errors: An attorney is hired, amongst other things, to produce exemplary written work product. A website article full of misspellings and grammatical errors does not instill client confidence. The content on your website should be polished and well written.

Keyword Placeholder Content: Some articles on attorney websites are really no more than generalized assertions about the firm “fighting for its clients” or otherwise providing empty assertions regarding the firm’s expertise. This type of website content writing typically discusses legal issues in such a simplistic way that it fails to communicate any useful information. SEO firms that draft content that is nothing more than an excuse to string a series of keyword phrases together commonly produce this type of content.

Lack of Depth: Writing easy to understand content is different from writing “simplistic content.” The content on your website should demonstrate your ability to understand complex or sophisticated legal issues and communicate them in non-technical language. The content must have enough depth in terms of legal concepts that the client could not have figured out the same thing with a basic Google search. The point is that an attorney is an expert on the law so the content on one’s website should communicate that expertise and specialized knowledge. If a prospective client can go to a site like Wikipedia or similar general information website and obtain the same type of information, you are hardly building your credentials with the prospective client as a legal expert with specialized knowledge.

Boring Topics or Subject Matter: The topics you select to write about should be engaging, and the law blog articles must be interesting and/or entertaining, or legal consumers will not waste their time trying to stay awake while reading it. While collateral estoppal and res judicata, for example, are very important legal issues, these are complex civil procedure issues that most legal consumers may not find interesting.

Not SEO Friendly: While lawyers can write content about legal issues and often communicate those ideas in an easy to understand way, they have a limited background in online legal marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). Although content by someone whose primary experience is writing legal work product as an attorney may result in engaging and understandable articles, an attorney’s lack of SEO knowledge means that you may not receive traffic to read those articles.

Regurgitation of News Articles: There is a growing trend to develop law firm blogs that are little more than re-written news articles about car accidents, divorces, DUI arrests, etc. While these law blog articles may have the right keywords and geographic references for SEO, they communicate little real information to consumers with legal problems. Google has recently changed their analytics to penalize use of this type of content, which provides virtually no value to a legal consumer.

Duplicate Content/Statutory Language: Many attorneys like to provide exact statutory language throughout their website. A common example is criminal defense law firms that list the statutory language for every offense as a separate practice area. While mirroring statutory language makes perfect sense when preparing a court pleading, it is a terrible idea for a law firm website. This approach poses two separate problems:

  • Your law practice website will have massive amounts of unoriginal content that will be duplicated on thousands of other websites. Google may seriously penalize your law firm website in search results if the content is not original. This is why law firm websites built on cut and pasted content from other sites typically perform poorly in Google searches. It is also quite embarrassing when you receive a call from another attorney asking why you “stole” their legal content.
  • Statutory language is dense and not particularly understandable to the average consumer of legal services. It is much better to paraphrase the language so that it is both understandable and does not duplicate content on other websites.

Inaccurate Content: There are few experiences more humbling than having someone contact you to indicate that you got the law wrong on your firm’s website. This is a mistake to be avoided at all costs. While you may review the content prepared by your legal content writing service, it is better to work with a company that employs writers with both law school and legal practice experience so that you do not find yourself re-writing all of the material virtually from scratch.

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The senior writer and lead editor has experience as a former practicing attorney and has been published in legal journals and on many of the leading legal information portals as well as numerous law firm websites and legal blogs. This experience is supplemented by over two decades of collective experience of our founders in online legal marketing working with many of the largest online legal marketing companies and thousands of law firms. Our SEO team also has over a decade of experience optimizing websites for thousands of law firms and many of the top legal portals. Every single piece of content that is produced by our legal ghostwriters is carefully reviewed by the legal, marketing and SEO team. This fusion of unique abilities and backgrounds is what makes legal writing service special. We know how to turn online legal content into paying clients!

If you are looking for quality content for your law firm website or legal blog to promote your law firm’s visibility on search engines and improve the conversion of your law firm website, legal blog or legal information portal, our legal writers will provide the content you need to improve both traffic and conversion. Our legal blog writing service has written literally thousands of articles for clients throughout the U.S. Our proven approach of developing legal content for law firm websites and legal blogs has helped our clients obtain a competitive advantage and increase firm profits.

At Legal Content Writers, we are happy to provide references from our many satisfied clients. We provide informative, well-written and engaging legal copy at rates far below our leading competitors.

We invite you to call us Toll Free at 1-800-877-2776 to learn how we can help your law practice succeed through effective website copywriting.

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